Our Schedule


Our lessons typically run in 6 week sessions with the dates listed below. If you would like to join a class mid-session, you will be charged a pro-rated amount (please email us to register and we will add you to the class with the adjusted billing). Sessions with available spaces allow drop-ins for students of an appropriate level.

Unless “Kids” or “Teens” appear in the title, classes are ages 16+ and adults. Classes without levels “Beginner” or “Mixed Level” in their title require approval of an instructor before enrolling.

Register below, or see a list of our currently running sessions here 

For a description of the apparatuses and disciplines we offer, please see here!

Private and split private lessons, private events, and parties available upon request – email us at green.dragon.circus@gmail.com for more information!

Browse our schedule and register below, or download the GloFox app on your mobile device and search “Green Dragon Circus” to keep our registration app at your fingertips!

Session Schedule