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Bar Apparatuses -
Hoop and Trapeze

Hoop (Lyra) is a large metal hoop, and trapeze is a metal bar with two ropes. Both are an excellent way to get introduced to aerials!


Silks are soft vertical fabrics and one of the most recognizable forms of aerials! Silks (also called fabrics or aerial tissue) are a very popular way to begin aerial classes!


Straps are long straps used for swinging, inverting, and rolling. Straps are a challenging apparatus because of the conditioning involved, and we recommend taking at least a couple semesters of silks or hoop/trap prior to trying straps. 


Rope is a vertical single strand apparatus. Rope has lots of crossover with silks, but we generally recommend new students take at least one semester of silks before trying rope!


Exactly what it sounds like! Learn to balance on your hands on the ground or on props. Progressions like headstands and conditioning are used to make getting upside down attainable for all levels!

Parter Acro

Partner acrobatics is learning to balance on another person. Unless specified in the class description, you do not need to register in a pair to participate in class